Cubesensors is a project where I made
a subpage for their website on the topic of sleep.

A small little cute cubs, CubeSensors are sensor-packed devices which monitor external factors. They give the advice to improve your relaxation, productivity, or, in conjunction with a Jawbone or Fitbit tracker, sleep quality.

The wireless CubeSensors themselves are stylish and unobtrusive and they can be deployed in most rooms without worrying about disrupting the decor. Once in place, they use an array of sensors to monitor aspects of the environment, including air quality, temperature, humidity, temperature, noise, light, and pressure. Feedback is given based on what you want to do in that room, either with a shake-prompted glowing light or in more detail via a web app.


Cubesensors asked me to create a subpage that would be an additional subpage for their website.
They wanted to lunch a site devoted to sleep.

After research and analysis of the product, the product identity, and the customer target,
I prepared an example to meet their visual aesthetics and needs: