speculative design

Project description

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What if we needed technology to understand our emotions?

In a society of constant emotional overload, many means have been sought by people in order to control them and maintain inner peace. Some used medications, others turned to religion, prayers, and meditation, few would go for group therapy and psychoanalysis, and many would turn to social media to let go of their unwanted feelings. In spite of all those efforts, it was observed that the rate of burnout at the workplace was booming and that extreme behaviors due to uncontrolled emotions were on the rise as well.

In front of this dire situation, people were distressed. Until recently, no viable solution seemed to exist.

Now you can resolve your emotional imbalance – thanks to the Cloud!

Store your emotions on our digital platform through our Cloud tangible interface. Designed to provide a sense of peace and tranquility while handling it, it will facilitate your feeling upload to the Cloud. By using the Cloud, you will become better at dealing with your emotions, helping you to recognize what you feel and guide you on how to react. The Cloud is based on reliable science and technology, not on fanciful practices and beliefs. You will feel and experience a real difference in your daily life by using it.

Through the oblivious usage of technology, we lost the ability to understand our emotion, resulting in decaying relationships between and within ourselves. We desire optimisation of our performance – the best solutions through rational decisions – but where does this lead us? Why wouldn’t we rather believe our guts and trust others instead of exclusively relying on oneself and technology?

The project was developed together with Filip Lattin and Ana Markezic, and is a result of the “Život na internetu” workshop organized by Udruga Metamedij.

Project details

Client: personal, workshop
Mentor: Oleg Šuran (UMAS), Lea Lippera, Estelle Hary (Design Friction)
Coworking: Filip Lattin, Ana Markezic
Date: July 2017
Tags: speculative design