A story of a Tea Zbašnik:

I am a UX graphic designer with more then 10 years of experience.
Lately more focused in UX/UI, typography and motion.

My interests range from print, illustration, logotype, typography, photography, packaging, 3D, motion, video, applications, web, books, crafts, drawing and more.

If I could describe myself with the biggest tag line sentence in the world, this would be it:
travel addict, design enthusiast, music person, hyper oriented, illustrator lover, graphic design student, video admirer, multilayered talker, typo curiouser, thoughts hunter, interior thinker, big dreamer, photography risker, craft experementalist, food inspirer, web stalker, RTFM&GIYF ally, revolutionary hearted, to-do patient, long-messy-email writer, heartful helper, shiny-object observer, hand hugger and nomad.

I love to study about human behaviour, relationships, experiences, psychology overall and mindfulness.

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From: Ljubljana, Slovenia

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